23 Sep

Why do we like to dance?

Dancing is that movement of the body rhythmically to the sound of music. Basically we started dancing way before we came up with a name for it.

Any movement be it a tap of the foot or a simple sway of the body, can be viewed as a dance.

Have you ever wondered why even dance? Studies show that music stimulates the brain like a drug and movement only adds to the kick. Music is said to activate the cerebellum which work to coordinate movement and hence music makes us tend to move. Further studies show that music and dance activate mirror neurons which tend to make us want to dance when we see someone dance. This shows that our bodies are inclined to move and hence dance in a more natural way. It is in our blood to dance.

Why do we like to danceBut what if (you think)  you can’t dance?
Let’s say you don’t know how to dance, many of us think so. A simple bob of the head serves as a dance too. Tapping your feet on the floor, swaying your body to the wind, all that is dancing. It doesn’t have to be unique in any way, just go with simple steps. We don’t have to go all Usher, Chris Brown or Michael Jackson in dancing. No! Simple is better.  We need to dance and keep our body moving  and to keep in good health both physically and mentally. On top of this, if you dance, chances are you’re going to  loose weight loss due to burnt calories while performing the activity.

By dancing not only we feel good, but we also loose weight. Many of us want to lose weight, look good or have that desired athletic body. And while some decide to take more extreme measures like performing plastic surgery on different parts of the body, especially liposuction, others have turned to dancing as a source for burning calories and getting that “feel good” feeling . Dancing is an amazing way to keep  fit. We dare to say that it’s the best way! For sure it adds less stress to the body than going through a  smartlipo Austin plastic surgery , but it is nonetheless true that the results will take longer to show.

Dancing is however  a simple way to lose weight and keep in shape…and for sure it’s cheaper to invest some money in dancing than to pay for a plastic surgery . Yes, you read that right, dancing. Dancing has proven to burn lots of calories and hence can work as a good way to lose weight. With the budget getting tight each day, we need a better way to lose weight and keep our spent under control!

As we dance we get to strengthen our bones and muscles with less or no pain to joints. Dancing helps lower the risk of heart related diseases, and high blood pressure. Some studies show that people who dance show little signs of depression, and patients with such have the depression signs reduce. Dancing keeps your body in balance, because unlike some of the sports that tend to only develop some parts of your body, dancing works for most of the muscles in our body, so we gain tremendous balance and helps us keep the body in tune.

This happens due to the need to maintain good posture and fast movement when dancing. You might get tired but you will be having fun, and because of that you will test your body’s limits. You could still do exercise, like the ones below, but in our opinion, dancing is a better option.

In Conclusion, We like to dance because it is in our nature and we should definitely embrace this instinct because:

  • Dancing will do well with less stress to your body than what plastic surgery will do. As much as smart-lipo Austin plastic surgery may cut out the fat, you need to be have strength to keep that body going.
  • Dancing may take a lot longer to loose weight than that surgery but will cost a lot less.
  • Dancing will build your confidence and just keep you laughing to those crazy style that you can’t do. Pretty healthy for sure. A smiling face is a healthy one.
  • Dancing strengthen your body, bones and muscles , improves your morale and gives you that good feeling, a feeling of achievement that few other things can give you!

So grab a friend and go out dancing or better yet put some music on and get that groove going. And if you’re still not sure, go to a dance festival nearby and see if you can start dancing there!

Let’s get groovy and dance our way to weight lose a pound at a time.

16 Sep

Why You Might Not Lose Fat While Working Out For A Dance Festival

A lot of people believe that dancing a form of exercise can help them also in their  weight reduction fight  and to set them on the right path in terms of healthy living.

Unfortunately, whenever a dancer begins some serious training for the exact purpose to lose weight, the needle on his or er scale doesn’t always go down. Sometimes, it can even point in the opposite direction. This is a frustrating and demoralizing experience which has made people wonder if dancing can assist them to shed the unwanted fat.

Why You Might Not Lose Fat While Working Out For A Dance Festival

Here are several reasons why you do not shed weight while exercising to participate in a dance festival.

Your workout always might remain the same
The human body is programmed so that if a person does the same kind of something always, the process becomes a fairly easy routine. This is especially true along with your dancing workouts. With time, dancing can become a simple thing to do, plus your metabolism will literally react to the few calories burned everyday with similar sort of exercise. You are going to only burn calories if you are sweating. If you want to burn fat you have two options: either you sweat, or you have a plastic surgery in san diego (because there there there are very good doctors)

Your body will store extra water
When you improve your training and dancing momentum, your system reacts by storing more water to deliver glycogen for the working muscles in addition to repair possible damaged muscle tissues. And of course, to remain hydrated throughout the race, you drink more water. Even though it might not be indicative of your actual weight, this water adds pounds for the scale.

You can dance longer, not necessarily with more passion
Intensity is an important variable regardless of the sort of exercise. On average, someone who dances often picks a pace they may comfortably maintain over quite a while. Although this is very therapeutic for endurance, it isn’t beneficial for losing weight. In accordance with research, it requires about 60 minutes per day to shed weight while doing moderate exercise, something that can’t be said of dancing. So that you can slim down, our bodies needs to replenish its energy, convert lactic acid into glucose and restore your body’s blood hormone levels. This is only possible in case your body burns more fat by working harder, something that can’t be achieved with dancing.

Take care of those hidden calories
With all the extra mileage they cover, most athletes believe they’ll shed some pounds. When you should ensure that you recovery properly from a dancing session, it’s also advisable to eat the right kind of foods before, during and after the race. This is where you’ll need to hold an eye on hidden calories, which basically appear in kind of energy gels and sports drinks you employ throughout a race, which have high calories content. For optimal performance and results, it needs practicing a great fueling strategy.

As already seen above, shedding pounds can be a tedious process compared to how people think. Dancing alone cannot guarantee optimal performance, especially if not you don’t train for it in a proper way. After all is said and done, a cosmetic surgery san diego procedure remains one of the safest, effective and cheapest ways of losing weight.

05 Sep

A History of Dance Festivals

Dancing has always been part of human culture. From the earliest people right through to the modern age, humans have expressed themselves through dance for so many reasons and there are so many different forms of dance that it is extremely easy to get lost in it all.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that the very first dance festivals came about thanks to various tribes throughout the world. Tribal dancing is a practice that is still followed by many people and continue to reflect the early meaning of those that came before. For example many of the tribal dances in Africa were held during special occasions, such as funerals or to recite the tribe’s history and teach the younger members. Some were even held to communicate with the gods these tribes worshipped and literal festivals would be arranged to pay tribute to them.

dance festivals

Such practices stuck with people society began to move away from the traditional tribal set up. The dances, and dancers for that matter, may have considered themselves more civilised than their tribal cousins but their dancing still served a purpose.

For example, the traditional British Morris Dance is believed to have begun as a way to pay tribute to visiting bishops and dignitaries and would often take place amongst great festivities that included circus acts and performance artists all celebrating the arrival of this important person. In many ways this reflected the tribal traditions of dance festivals to celebrate the gods and, while it has a slightly more humanistic feel, the Morris Dance and those like it are still intended to celebrate an occasion and to signal the arrival of somebody who is important to the dancers and those around them.

The Morris Dance and many other traditional cultural dances still exist to this day and are often carried out for the same reason. Many are the examples of British royalty traveling to an exotic location to be greeted by a dance troupe as part of a mini-festival celebrating their arrival.

In the modern age the purpose of dance festivals has evolved even further. They still continue to elicit joy in people by now festivals are held far and wide. From Dance Festival DC right through to annual festivals, such as those held in Blackpool and Moscow, people still love to come together to dance or to appreciate the performers putting on such an amazing show.

The rise of street dance troupes has also added new meaning to the festivities, as dance is increasingly becoming a way to express yourself rather than express appreciation of somebody else or pass on information as it had been in the past. That doesn’t mean that dances no longer tell a story, just that the scope for storytelling has gotten bigger. With more people realizing the health benefits that burning so many calories brings, meaning no pricy trips to do a liposuction in san antonio will be need. Dancing  combines wonderfully with the opportunity for self-expression.

So certainly dance festivals of all shapes and sizes will continue for years to come.

28 Aug

Dance festivals and the society

Festival dances have been a part of our history for many ages. Each society in the world has its own colorful history of festival dances. Dance festivals have so much been entrenched in the culture of societies to the extend that dance schools have been opened, to train on dancing and for productions. For example in Russia, the Moscow Dance Theater was opened in 1970. The Ballet Folk of Moscow was established in 1972, in Russia.

This is an illustration of how seriously the dance festivals are to our society. Examples of some very famous festivals round the world are below.

a history of dance festivals

Bates Dance Festival in the USA: This dance festival began in 1982 and is held at Bates College in Lewiston, USA. Its held annually during the summer months and it features performances and workshops. In attendance is an international community of educators, choreographers, performers and students to study and perform. The festival facilitates an exchange of ideas and explores new grounds.

The Obon dance festival in Japan: -This is an annual Japanese Buddhist festival that began around the year 794-1185, and it commemorates the dead. Participants dance in joy for being happily alive and to honor their loved ones who have passed away. There is also the lighting of lanterns at family shrines and gravesides. The Obone dance is held outside in the parking lots or in the streets, and central to it are folk songs. Attendance is by all people -children and the old, locals and foreigners alike.

Dover Lane Festival in India: it began around 1961, is held in the city of Joy, Kolkata. It is held annually between December and January. Its one of the most prominent cultural events, whose purpose is the promotion of Indian classical music.

May day: Held on May 1st, this is an ancient North Hemisphere spring festival, as well as to many other cultures. Dances, singing, cakes and other traditional foods are enjoyed in this festival. May day celebrations is traditionally associated with celebrations for the fertility of people, soil and livestock.

The roles of festival dances in our society:

  • National cohesion: during music festivals, many people from diverse cultures come together to perform or to watch. This helps to break the cultural barriers existing between the people.
  • Political statements: many songs laden with political statements have been composed and danced during political gatherings. Politicians have also adopted these songs as part of their campaign messages. These songs usually excite people towards a certain political inclination and hence play a great part in politics.
  • Exercise: dancing is an exercise by itself and adequate dancing will burn away excess fat, thus will play the part of smart-lipo austin for those that want to lose excess weight or stay fit and lean.
  • Wartimes: in the past, festival dances were held to uplift the morale of warriors when going to war. Warriors would match to the traditional songs, along with the drum beats. This would help expel their fear and thus courageously match on to war and victory.
  • Preservation of cultures to tell history: The majority of the songs traditionally sang during festival dances have an history to tell about the culture of the particular community. These songs also used to educate as the songs will have messages for example to encourage hard work and extolling bravery.

And here are 6 reasons to attend a dance festival and dance!

14 Aug

Why should you consider going to a dance festival if you are a dancer.

Are you exercising often, or do you find yourself just starting to dance when the music starts? Do you commute to other cities and try different dance steps and locations? You try to educate yourself to dance and are worried that others won’t like it?. So why don’t you try to take part in a dance festival?

Whether you wish to shake your skirts, bang your head or dance until daybreak and be admired, then a dance festival is something you should consider. And who knows, it might be just the thing that will boost you in a successful dancing career!

dance festival-why you should be there

1:  Watch performances through big-identify groups and dancers. While you’re watching others dance, you get to view live performances by those you watch and drool over on YouTube. You’ll get ideas and see them how they manage a dance performance from beginning to end, not only the pieces that are filmed. Everyone knows that online movies aren’t as great as live performance.

2: Enjoy great acoustics! Dance festivals are known for their great acoustics and the fact that it makes the audience vibrate with passion. Whether you’ll enjoy this because you’re watching or because you’re performing yourself, great acoustics is one of the reasons that people are so happy about joining dance festivals.

3: You’ll get advice from experience dancers. Don’t undermine the networking possibilities a dance festival brings.You’ll be the first to know when one of your favorite dancers here modified their dancing and took it to a complete new stage. You’ll have the chance to connect with other dancers, learn new things and build new relations that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. On top if you want to, you get a chance to take personal courses with the pros.

4: Dancers from different places come to you. Instead of you traveling all over the country, a dance festival brings all the most famous dancers together in one place. Whilst you’re in the ones workshop courses, you’ll make buddies and find other people to bounce with all through the social dancing :-)

5: You can meet famous people. You’ll finally have the opportunity to meet that famous actor who had a liposuction in san antonio and you want to know more about the price, or the famous singer who had a fight with all the laser lipo austin doctor comunity after his procedure. Basically this is one of the  chances you have to meet famous people and get in touch with them because as anyone dance festivals are an attraction for the stars.

6: It is fun! Do you wish to have another reason? when you really love to dance, then you realize that you don’t need a too big excuse to get your feet moving.

Are you convinced already? Then don’t wait any more! Go and join the net dance festival near you.

You won’t beat a weekend like that!

08 Jul

Dance is the hidden language of the soul

[description]Dance is the hidden language of the soul[/description]

The DC Commission on the Arts & Humanitieswas pleased to announce its Annual Dance DC Festival some time ago.
The 5th edition of the festival was held at various venues throughout the District of Columbia from September 26-28, 2008 and featured a wide array of folk and traditional dance forms practiced by local area ensembles and artists. Some of the genres included swing , salsa and others. The shows and the interactive workshops have been available and free to the public over the three-day event. This was an exciting weekend full of dynamic and inspiring dance performances.

dance festivals fun

Since 1968, the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities has provided suport to that encourage artistic expressions of different type. All this in order for all District of Columbia residents and visitors to see the beautiful culture diversity of the city.

Check this website for more information and don’t forget to have fun when visiting DC and going to festivals. Just like the guy doe in this video.

Attending dance festivals is one of the best ways you can motivate yourself to keep fit. Every time people to dance festivals, and look at the fit bodies the artist they want to improve their bodies. Sometimes in a natural way, through sports, other times by more extreme measures like plastic surgery. I know a famous person who asked a couple of smartlipo austin doctors to help her look better for the dance festival she was performing in.

Obviously this is just one example, but it is just to show that attending a dance festival you can improve both body and mind.

07 Jul

Intro do Dance Festivals

Dance festivals are very popular in US.

A dance festival is an organized hapening that celebrates dance . Dance festivals can be made of competitions for teams or individual dancers , or may just serve as a cultural event with the main focus on dance and movement. Some dance festivals want to find talented regional, national, or international dancers in all categories, while other ones are looking for specific style of dance. Other events can also be connected to dance festivas.

A popular sort of dance festival has as focus the competitions. Dance companies and individual dancers have to apply in order to perform, and can be sorted into categories by style, age or experience. Performances are afterwards assesed by a joury of professional dancers. On top they might hold a seminar with the dancers after the show, to propose improvements and comment the event. Prizes, material or not can be offered to the best dancer or dance team.

dance festival

Dance festivals can be an event for the regional comunity. In certain regions, all the local dance companies and schools are invited to participate in the festival. In this case the festival can last for several days and will be usually open ( and sometimes free) to the public.

If you don’t knwo what dance festival could fit your busy schedule, then have a look here.