08 Jul

Dance is the hidden language of the soul

Dance is the hidden language of the soul

The DC Commission on the Arts & Humanitieswas pleased to announce its Annual Dance DC Festival some time ago.
The 5th edition of the festival was held at various venues throughout the District of Columbia from September 26-28, 2008 and featured a wide array of folk and traditional dance forms practiced by local area ensembles and artists. Some of the genres included swing , salsa and others. The shows and the interactive workshops have been available and free to the public over the three-day event. This was an exciting weekend full of dynamic and inspiring dance performances.

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Since 1968, the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities has provided suport to that encourage artistic expressions of different type. All this in order for all District of Columbia residents and visitors to see the beautiful culture diversity of the city.

Check this website for more information and don’t forget to have fun when visiting DC and going to festivals. Just like the guy doe in this video.

Attending dance festivals is one of the best ways you can motivate yourself to keep fit. Every time people to dance festivals, and look at the fit bodies the artist they want to imporove their bodies. Sometimes in a natural way, through sports, other times by more extreme measures like plastic surgery. I know a famous person who asked a couple of smartlipo austin doctors to help her look better for the dance festival she was performing in.

Obviously this is just one example, but it is just to show that attending a dance festival you can improve both body and mind.

07 Jul

Intro do Dance Festivals

Dance festivals are very popular in US.

A dance festival is an organized hapening that celebrates dance . Dance festivals can be made of competitions for teams or individual dancers , or may just serve as a cultural event with the main focus on dance and movement. Some dance festivals want to find talented regional, national, or international dancers in all categories, while other ones are looking for specific style of dance. Other events can also be connected to dance festivas.

A popular sort of dance festival has as focus the competitions. Dance companies and individual dancers have to apply in order to perform, and can be sorted into categories by style, age or experience. Performances are afterwards assesed by a joury of professional dancers. On top they might hold a seminar with the dancers after the show, to propose improvements and comment the event. Prizes, material or not can be offered to the best dancer or dance team.

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Dance festivals can be an event for the regional comunity. In certain regions, all the local dance companies and schools are invited to participate in the festival. In this case the festival can last for several days and will be usually open ( and sometimes free) to the public.

If you don’t knwo what dance festival could fit your busy schedule, then have a look here.